"> How To Select A Breast Cancer Surgeon

How To Select A Breast Cancer Surgeon

When it comes to the possibility of going through breast cancer surgery, the topic is a bit delicate both for men and for women. Breast cancer surgeries come with plenty of options and each of them will have their own risks and benefits. Since breast cancer patients have so many treatment options at their disposal, selecting the ones that will work and combining them to get the best effects can be a complex undertaking. Since the decision process depends so much on the situation of each patient, they will look for surgeons that are personable and skilled, capable of discussing all the possibilities. The surgeon should also be capable of making himself understood with common terms, that everyone will get.

Personal Touch

When it comes to knowing what capabilities a surgeon has, the first people we turn to are his patients. These people have first hand experience with the doctor and they are under no obligation to lie or withhold the information you need. They will simply tell you what they thought of the doctor or the surgeon. That’s why you should begin by taking personal referrals into consideration, while trying to remain objective. You can get information from insurance companies and other doctors, but the opinions that aren’t biased will probably come from coworkers, friends or family members, that have experience with a surgeon.

Obviously, it doesn’t mean that a surgeon should be picked based only on the opinions of his patients. You can start your research from the best recommendations you find, but combine them with research and professional opinions. After you get a couple of names on your list, start looking for information on that surgeon and on his capabilities.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whatever you might choose, either a surgical oncologist or a general surgeon, when it comes to finding out how skilled he is, you don’t look at his title. Instead, you look at how much experience he’s got with breast cancer surgery. If you want a safer bet, you should go with surgeons that have thousands of surgeries of the same type behind them, with many years of experience. With so many surgeries and so many unique patients, you can bet that he went through most of the worst case situations already and he knows how to attack them.

Ask questions

Reading medical histories and finding out about other people’s experience with them can only get you so far in your search for the best surgeon. After you have a couple of choices narrowed down, you need to talk to the surgeon face to face and see how he is. Go to a preliminary consultation and prepare yourself with a number of questions to ask him, ready to take in the information he’s going to give you. Some of the questions you can ask are the length of time he’s been practicing, how many surgeries of this type he performed, what’s his success rate for your case, how satisfied were his patients and what are the options in your own case.

The right surgeon will be quite receptive to your inquiries and he will understand that you’re trying to give yourself the best shot at life. If you think that the surgeon doesn’t want to talk about certain topics or that he doesn’t give you all the information, that might be a warning sign to consider.

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